What’s On Your Mind?

It’s been several weeks since I’ve heard from you.  I’m wondering what questions are you wrestling with that you’d like to invite others to consider as well … Hope to hear from you soon!

About Pastor Craig

I'm a 54-year-old who lives in Los Angeles, CA with his black Labrador Retriever named Max. I'm an ordained clergy person in the United Church of Christ. My passions include spirituality, politics, and sports (Go Houston teams, go!). I use my blog to start conversations rather than merely spout my perspectives and opinions. I hope you'll post a question, comment, or observation for me to respond - so we can get the conversation started!
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2 Responses to What’s On Your Mind?

  1. Beverly Marshall Saling says:

    Some of us in my group were recently talking about how to raise kids in a family with divergent spiritual traditions. Some parents come from different religious backgrounds than each other, others have chosen to follow a different spiritual path than their own parents, and one is trying to raise a foster child who comes from a different nationality and religion than her own. How do you raise children to respect all of the traditions that are their legacy, but still feel a sense of belonging? How do you tell them what you believe while still leaving the door open for them to take a different path?

  2. Cheri A. Moore says:

    Suggestions for directing/redirecting teens and young adults who need to follow household rule and my family values at least while they are in my home. Swearing for example is not allowed in my home but is in the homes of many of the teens I work with. Note I am NOT talking about religious beliefs, personal lifestyle choices, political views etc. I’m referring to what, at least used to be, common courtesy in someones home or presence. Hope I’m making sense, if not you know where to find me!

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