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What Is Religion Doing?!?!

Today’s question comes from Yvette.  She writes: “Why does ‘religion’– many religions– give a person permission to judge, with perhaps an excuse to harm or ignore another human? Instead of bringing people together, I see religion bringing people apart– which … Continue reading

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Softening Hardliners

You all are on a roll today.  Can you tell I’ve been around people from the deep south this week (North Carolina, George, Texas, and Mississippi)??? 🙂 I appreciate the PHENOMENAL questions you are sending today.  Today’s next question comes … Continue reading

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Trump’s Appeal to Evangelical Voters

Today’s second question comes from Sandi, who wrote:  “I’ve really tried to connect the dots and find I cannot: Evangelical Christians overwhelmingly voted for Trump – why? Do you know what in the world the ‘attraction’ was?” This is a … Continue reading

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Course of Study

Thanks so much for the quick responses.  I had two questions that came in.  Let me take a few moments and respond to each of them. The first comes from Stevie, who wrote: “Many of us are behind you as … Continue reading

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