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Spirituality and Morality and Politics – Oh My!

A reader sent in a link to an opinion piece written by Thomas L. Friedman from the New York Times.  The article dealt with immigration.  Here’s a link to that article: immigration opinion piece. In reflecting on matters the article … Continue reading

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Global Climate Change – and Our Response

On this Earth Day, I know many wonder how some can still deny human activity plays a role in global climate change. There’s a part of me that understands why some deny it.  It is a seductive notion that you … Continue reading

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The Joy – and Challenge – of Easter!

While holidays such as Christmas and Easter are wonderful times to celebrate crucial moments of our Christian faith, these holidays can present HUGE challenges for non-creedal, Progressive pastors. Some might think I say this because of the additional services and … Continue reading

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A New Face of Faith

This morning my friend Anne sent me an opinion article from the New York Times titled “Mayor Pete and the Queering of the American Soul”.  The article’s subtitle read: “His rise is a sign that more LGBT people are finding … Continue reading

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Improving Our Ability to Connect

I stumbled upon a great blog entry that touched upon one of my greatest frustrations in life when it comes to interpersonal communication.  The blog entry was titled “Grief: Why Comparing Losses Never Helps and Often Hurts.”  Here is a … Continue reading

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