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I'm a 53-year-old who lives in Los Angeles, CA with his black Labrador Retriever named Max. I'm an ordained clergy person in the United Church of Christ. My passions include spirituality, politics, and sports (Go Houston teams, go!). I use my blog to start conversations rather than merely spout my perspectives and opinions. I hope you'll post a question, comment, or observation for me to respond - so we can get the conversation started!

“Finding My Way”

Lots of us have had our world turned upside down over the past 18 months when COVID hit the United States and shut many of our communities down.  The experience has proven to have both its challenges and its blessings.  … Continue reading

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What to Do with Our Imperfections

Loved ones have often asked me over the past 20 years about my decision to leave the field of politics and enter ministry.  For many, the choices seemed too stark.  They couldn’t begin to understand how – or why – … Continue reading

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Restoring a Sense of Balance

My last day of vacation is today.  Tomorrow, I return to my ministry after a three-week break.  I’ve spent a good deal of time thinking the past few days about what I could do to keep some of my post-vacation … Continue reading

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A Life Lesson That Gives Hope

Have you ever had a foundational lesson in life that you weren’t able to absorb the first time you “learned” it – so you encountered it over, and over again until you reach a point where you could finally absorb … Continue reading

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Leaving Room for Growth

During my vacation I’m spending a good amount of time thinking about bridge building as I have begun to write a book on the program.  And as I’ve been reflecting on bridge building, I happened to stumble upon a powerful … Continue reading

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